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More To Life by Wordsmithpraise Is A Message Of Hope To The Depressed


More to life is a message of hope… There’s been a lot of suicides lately, mostly arising from depression. This poem was written with the intention of addressing such. Endeavor to share to someone. Save a soul. 


There’s more to life than
pain and suffering,
than the sadness you’ve become
akin to over the years
and the depression that fights
for dominance over your soul.

A happy life is not an illusion
So erase your conclusion that
you have no reason for living.

There’s more to life than the
hooligans that prey on your innocence,
than the bullies that
make you feel inferior,
and the darkness and void
that overwhelms your heart.

Whenever you feel life-sick
Look to the horizon
Don’t stick a knife in your body
Or fill your blood with poison,
There’s more to life than
the feeling of nothingness.

There’s happiness and love
found in little acts of kindness.
There’s good, good people,
that’ll accept
you without judgement,
that’ll love you
with all your faults,
that’ll cherish every second
of your existence
that’ll give living a new meaning.

There’s more to life than
the shadows of yesterday
telling you today isn’t worth seeing.
Stay alive, there’s more to life.

Written by Wordsmithpraise.

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