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My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite Is A Deadly And Delightful Take On A Nigerian Slasher

Book Review: My Sister The Serial Killer 

Femi makes three, you know. Three and they label you a serial killer.

In case you didn’t know, My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite has been trending on social media for weeks now. When I saw the cover art, I was like Damn! I’d promised myself I’d read more books this year and this book was just calling to me. Not to mention the title gives off an exciting sensation that’d make readers (like me) want to read it all the more.

For me, My Sister, The Serial Killer was an easy, lively read that I finished reading it in two sitting. I was also excited to read it cause it was on my reading list, since I saw the author at African Writers Meet 2018. Her words were inspiring and it was the first time I was hearing from her and about her book.

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s Debut Novel follow the lives of two sisters – Ayoola and Korede. One kills and the other covers it up. So when you really think if it, they’re both killers.
Korede is forever coming to the never ending aid of her younger sister – Ayoola, who has a crazy habit of killing her ‘boyfriends’ (I doubt she even feels love). She always stand on her ground that it was an act of self defence, “I had to” she’d say. Even though she never really feels remorseful. But this isn’t just about the “killings”, it’s about the travail of a family in the hand of their abusive father, the bonds of sisterhood, all happening in Lagos, Nigeria.

Korede, the elder sister is a borderline, hygiene freak of a nurse. She doesn’t talk much at work except to a comatose patients who confides in. She also has a crush on Dr Tade, a fellow worker at St Peter’s Hospital. However, when Ayoola comes to her workplace for lunch, Tade is driven towards her. This becomes a problem for Korede, not just about her feelings for Tade but also considering her sister’s history with men.

Ayoola on the other hand, is a self-absorbed social media addict. Flaunting her beauty whenever she can.
The author creates a unique style of suspense, instilling an ever-present fear in the novel.

While the novel is fast-paced and pulls you in deep within minutes of read. I for one admire the author’s heart-pounding narrative.

“Have you heard this one before? Two girls walk into a room. The room is in a flat. The flat is on the third floor. In the room is the dead body of an adult male. How do they get the body to the ground floor without being seen?
First, they gather supplies.”

There’s so much to ponder on this deadly debut novel but one thing is sure – that the author has created this entertaining characters with a great mix of slasher and dark humour.
Overall, My Sister The Serial Killer  was amazing and I totally recommend you read it while it’s hot (hot stew is better, Lol).

I hope to read more books from her.

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