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Closed Curtains | Flash Fiction by Wordsmithpraise


She locked the door and closed the curtains. The room was swallowed by utter darkness till a light sparked at a corner. She lit a lamp and dimmed it. All this while, I stood with my gaze beamed at her.

Her clothes fell in a pool of her feet then she counted her steps till her hand touched my chest.Our lips interlocked. For a second, I felt as though a fire was lit within me and my soul began to burn. A burning desire.

Her hands journeyed through my buttons till my shirt left my body. We staggered upon the bed behind. I planted kisses upon her breasts and felt her revel in it.

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“Take off your trousers,” she whispered. Suddenly I felt a quake in my chest. For a minute, I froze. It was my first time. Seconds later, the curtains were drawn apart and the door unlocked. I tried to speak but the words sunk into my chest and my feet found its way out.
The next day. We became friends. We became ‘just’ friends, Forever.

Written by W. S. Praise (@Wordsmithpraise)


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