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ADDA | Call For Submission Of Non-Fiction

adda call for submission of non fiction
adda call for submission of non-fiction
adda is Commonwealth Writers’s gathering of stories online ― where writers and readers meet across geographic and geopolitical divides.
We are looking to commission a number of non-fiction stories for adda in the coming months ― be they researched reportage, narrative essays, unusual profiles, photo essays or memoir.  We are interested in a wide range of subjects: a look at the site will show you what we have published in the past and ― equally ― what is missing that you may like to write.
Each commission for adda is given detailed editorial attention to ensure a level of quality in the stories published and to offer writers another process through which to develop their writing.  Stories are edited in close conversation with their writers and with a respect for the idiom and place from which they come.
As a site, adda does not seek to follow global trends in storytelling. More often we choose stories precisely because they are less heard: perhaps because of where in the world they come from or who is telling them or the thoughts they convey.  Above all, we are interested in nuanced, reflective stories.
Please note that although adda publishes fiction, non-fiction and poetry in this instance we are only seeking non-fiction stories.  Please also consider that we receive many submissions in memoir form and you may have better luck with other genres.
No previously published work will be considered, whether previously published in print or online.  We will, however, consider new translations into English of work published in other languages.  Please note, we can only accept submissions from citizens of Commonwealth countries. We accept simultaneous submissions, on the understanding you will inform us immediately if the text isaccepted for publication elsewhere.
To respond to this call please send us:
1. An outline of what you want to write, how and why (in a maximum of 750 words). This should include an outline of any research you need to undertake. You may submit up to three story ideas per writer.
AND a sample of your non-fiction writing (either a complete piece or an extract of no more than 2000 words)
OR, your full non-fiction piece if you have a finished and unpublished one you’d like to submit to adda. (2500-5000 words). Please send a detailed synopsis of the work (500 words) if it was not written originally in English. In certain cases, we may be able to commission a full-length translation.
2. A description of your writing history (300 words)
3. Your contact details (including postal address, email and telephone number) and nationality.
Please send your submissions to commonwealthwriters@gmail.com by 11:59pm (in any time zone) on Sunday 1 July with the subject heading ‘adda non-fiction submission’.
You’ll hear back from them by 15 August.
Source: commonwealthwriters.org

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