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10 Tips For Writing A Love Story

10 Tips For Writing A Love Story
10 Tips For Writing A Love Story

So you want to write a love story? You need to know What it takes to write a love story and how does one write or start a love story. Sharpen your pen because writing a love story is much deeper and full of complexity than you might think. You probably would have fallen in love at least once. You met someone that made you happy and experienced your own love story, that’s good.
Love stories can be brilliant, emotional, and creative outlets. But to truly master the art of the love story you need to know a couple things. A compelling story – no matter the content, plot, characters, and depth of the romance therein – depends immensely on your ability to entice the reader and get them adequately drooling for the love to come.


Tips For Writing A Love story

Below are the tips, read carefully and absorb every details. Also read Guidelines For better story writing

1) Think About Your Characters

What do they desire? And most especially, what do they want before the story begins, and before they meet each other?

What makes a love story a great story to read is the same thing that makes any narrative a story: A character forms a goal and sets out to achieve that goal, but on the way encounters obstacles which, of course, the character must find solutions to. See The Creative Writing Guide HERE
“The greater the obstacles, the greater the page-turning power the narrative has.”

In a love story, the character may not at first know they are looking for love(1). So you may need a substitute goal to carry the story forwards while your protagonists discover their true motivation.

2) Make Your readers Fall in love with your characters

If your reader does this, then they will understand immediately the attraction that the two lovers hold for each other. And they will get a double thrill when they get together!
Sounds simple, how do you get a reader to fall in love with a character?
Create reader empathy by making the characters truly heroic and admirable – then chuck in a bit of charisma. Equally reliable; introduce a character as they’re enduring an undeserved hardship.

3) Explore The Full Range of Human Emotions

During the course of the story, look at fear, pain, disappointment, betrayal and jealousy. Love isn’t simple – so don’t write a crappy love story. A love story could begin with death. Then the character might be so depressed, it could be finding love that saves him.

4) Focus On Personality.

a) Do Not Equate Personality – There can be a few likenesses between the two darlings, however don’t try too hard. On the off chance that they are excessively comparable, the reader will begin to regard them more as kin or companions than lovers.(2)

b) Anger, Rivalry, And Love – Both outrage and love take a considerable measure of energy and at last they can generate each other. In the beginning periods of your story don’t be hesitant to give them a chance to severely dislike each other, simply quell the fire before it heightens.

c) Personality Mix – We have all known about the embodiment of “extraordinary” lovers: reckless guy and pleasant, plain young lady or the other way around, and brilliant person and half-witted yet cool young lady or the other way around.

Endeavor to go past that. Create two list of the considerable number of identities you to can consider, one for the young lady and one for the person. At that point pick an arbitrary attribute from each rundown and check whether you can make a story off that.

5) Do Not Make It Too Unnatural.

Yes, you want to write an unique love story, make it something the readers will love, something bizzare.
Uniqueness is like salt. Just enough can perfect a dish, but too much can ruin it and make you regret even making it. Creativity on the other hand is fine.

In the act of making your story grotesque, don’t damage the story by adding too many fanciful combinations. You’d certainly bore your readers or make them question you writing.

6) Develop The Antagonists.

The romantic equivalent of an antagonist might be an envying ex, overprotective parent.
An antagonist can provide strife, angst, and even comical relief. They are very rewarding and enjoyable to create. Who doesn’t Want to make the perfect villain? Someone that challenges the love story.

7) Keep Love Powerful

When in love, people are moved to achieve huge things. The obstacles confronting the lovers should be massive, and the power of love even greater than that. ‘Lovers will go to almost any lengths to overcome problems’. Don’t forget LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING.
Two people in love are like wildfire. If an inferno isn’t lit between the covers of your novel, the story will be limp too! Both of the lovers should be melted in the crucible of their love, and so become different by the end of the story.
Imagine a story whereby their love is challenged by concurrent obstacles but their love is powerful enough to keep them together.

8) Excite Readers With Immediate Action.

Another great option for starting your story is choosing a moment that will immediately pull the reader into the story line with a compelling action sequence in the opening scene of your story. Make sure that any initial action sequences are readily comprehensible.
There doesn’t even have to be any actual danger; it is more than enough to simply convey a sense of peril that the reader can relate too.

9) Infuse Suspense In The Love Story.

While there are no concrete rules for how a love story needs to begin, there are some narrative tropes that continue to melt hearts. Among them; consider the implication of an oncoming challenge to one of the story’s love interests, a dramatic change in circumstances, or a blatant threat to a character or a relationship between characters.

A common route here is a moment in which danger or the threat of danger are recognized or experienced by a character who will be featured prominently in your story.

10) Then Create A Powerful Love Scene

Romantic scenes can be full of passion, yet also full of doubt. Vulnerability and awkwardness are attractive: keep all that, but let them pull together. Create an ALL POWERFUL declaration of love, something that strike the readers heart and make them wish they were the characters themselves.

Tease this scene out – make it long – but not too long. Don’t forget Wilkie Collin’s famous advice, which is just as valid when it comes to the first kiss or first love reveal: ‘Make ‘em cry, make ‘em laugh, but ABOVE ALL make ‘em wait!’


If you’ve never experienced love and you intend to write a love story. I don’t know what to say. Haha.
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Written by Praise Osawaru.
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