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Romance Story | The Diary Of A Virgin Boy 8.0

Shit! I stood there frozen until the next knock drew me back to reality. ‘What the…? ‘
‘What do i do?’ I asked myself as my heart beat paced faster. I noticed a window in the kitchen.
“Hello, it’s your neighbour James. I heard some noise while passing by. Is everything Okay?”
The door knob twisted. Shit! He was bout to come in.

I proceeded to the window and jumped through, landed outside but sprained my ankle in the process.
“Bloody Hell!” James screamed.
I began limping around gradually. Across the street, there was a cop was doing patrol. He flashes his light on me. Probably he noticed I was limping and wanted to know what happened to me.

I, However kept on walking, not looking towards him. He horned, in hopes to get my attention but I turned deaf years nonetheless. Eventually, he drove off.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Immediately I got home, I pulled off my shirt which had blood stains all over. Didn’t want her to see it, it’s raise suspicion.
Found her asleep at the couch, I didn’t wanna wake up so I just walked by slowly, unfortunately her phone rang.
“Uhhh.. ” she yawned.
“Hey babe, ” I grinned in facade.
“Where Ya been? Wait I have a call.”

Clearly looking at the phone, it was a call from “Her Number”. But how come? I just murdered him now..
She picked the call however and busted into tears dropping the phone on the floor.
“What happened?” I asked in surprise.
“My uncle just died, The police just called me now to come he body .
Damn! She was an awesome liar. I acted as though I believed her änd she left.

I hurriedly rushed get my previous clothe, the one that got stained with blog. I went backyard, grabbed and set the clothes alit.

‘Burn the evidence’ I learnt that from many movies I’ve watched.
A warm smile descended upon my face, in that moment I felt joyous until….


Written by Praise Osawaru and Ayomide O’tega 

About Praise

Praise Osawaru is a poet and writer of fiction and creative nonfiction. He's also a blogger and content developer. Follow him on Instagram/FB/Twitter @wordsmithpraise

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