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Romance Story | The Diary Of A Virgin Boy 10.0

She pulled out the knife and plunged it into my stomach once more. I pushed her off me, she hit her head on the table behind and collapsed.

I got up, pulled out the knife slowly. It hurt like hell. ‘I’ve never been stabbed before’. I threw the knife away and tried to stop the bleeding. I could hear the police footsteps upon the stairs.

I looked around, I needed a fast exit then I noticed the wind blew open the window. I walked towards it, Damn! It was a long way down. I’d bled all over the perfectly waxed floor.

How was I gonna get down three storeys? The footsteps grew louder, My heart paced faster. I took a step backwards, was ready to jump. Suddenly I felt a force pull me back.

I staggered and fell flat to the ground. She was holding the knife firmly. I hit her knees and rolled sideways watching her fall upon the knife.

Blood began gushing out like a tap went on. I looked at the door, the door knob twisted.

I drew myself up and raced towards the window, jumping out and landing on a car. The alarm system went off upon my collision.

“Ahh,” I groaned, feeling my bones crack as I got off the car and began walking.

I stared up the window. I could see flashlight, Surely the Cops have found her Corpse.
I didn’t mean for things to end like that. This was one hell of a love story.
My name is Daniel, I used to think the world was black and white, now I realize it’s filled with shades of Gray.

Written by Praise Osawaru

About Praise

Praise Osawaru is a poet and writer of fiction and creative nonfiction. He's also a blogger and content developer. Follow him on Instagram/FB/Twitter @wordsmithpraise

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  1. Nice story but no happy ending
    That's sad. Kudos to you��

  2. Nice story but no happy ending
    That's sad. Kudos to you��

  3. Not every Love story has an ending.. Thanks for reading though

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