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Love Struck – Chapter Twenty

    “Memory Loss”

John drops his phone and rushes to my side. Paula holds my head and lays it upon her laps.
“Call an ambulance!” John yells.
I felt disoriented, my eyes felt uncontrollably heavy. Alas! I collapsed.

*      *      *       *

I opened my eyes only to find myself on a hospital bed, strapped. The doctors holding me down as another injected me, i felt that shiver once more and began shaking uncontrollably on the bed.

Eventually, my eyelids succumbed to closure.

*       *        *

“Good morning Daniel, my name is Dr Linda.”

I blinked my eyes, i couldn’t quite decipher my current location. I hesitated.
“Where am i? Who are you?”
“You are Daniel, you survived an accident,” she responded.
“Me, accident?”
She exhales and departed the room with her notepad.

I looked around but everything seemed unrecognizable.
Then a lady walked in slowly, staring at me as though i knew her.

“Daniel, i am so glad you are alive, you got me worried.” She hugged me.
I pushed her away, “Get away from me! Doctor!!!”

She reached for me, i pushed her away so that she stumbled upon the ground.
The doctor rushed in and pull her up and out of the room.
‘Who was she, i thought?’

I noticed the doctor was talking to her outside and tears streamed down her cheek as she stumbled upon the floor.

A nurse pulled her up and took her away.
Then came a guy facing backwards. He seemed familiar but i couldn’t quite say.
He entered the room, he came closer towards me.Then i remembered him, it was “John!”
“Hallelujah!” Finally a recognizable face.
I reached for him, throwing my hands around him.

“Bro, everything seems crazy. There was this girl, she came in. I don’t know her, i mean..”
“It’s Okay. The Doctor says you have a short-term memory loss. I am even surprised you remember me. Who knows if you will recognize your parents.”

My mind clicked, “My parents, sure! I am the only son of the family. I-I cant remember when i last spoke to them though,” i responded.

The Doctor called him out, he left the room.
I saw her again through the transparent glass. She kept staring at me. I had to turn the other way.

*       *       *

“So this is our room, i’m your roommie”
He chuckled, “Roommate. Some things never change”
“Oh, have i asked that before?”
A knock echoed from the door. A shadow revealed itself below the door.

“Expecting someone?” I asked
He opened the door, i looked back. It was her again, i felt pity for her.
She wanted so bad to be remembered but my mind wouldn’t succumb.
“Can i come in?” she asked.

John let her in and she moved closer to me. She apologized for her behaviour at the hospital. I was the one who pushed her, i should be sorry.

However, i laid my hand on her shoulder an something struck me.

A flashback of the shooting, i removed my hand pronto.
They both stared at me.
“Was I Shot?”

To be Continued

.. #Anticipate the Second Installment of the Lovestruck Series.

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