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Love Struck – Chapter Seventeen



I opened my eyes only to find my parents before me weeping. I figured the doctor would have broken the news to them.
They seemed very unhappy about it; one could tell from the tears. The doctor tried to comfort them but it was all to no avail. My mum knelt by my bed side and grasped my hand; my dad slowly rubbed my head.
“My sweet boy, I’m so sorry this had to happen to you,” Mum sobered.

I didn’t know what to say. There’s no reason for them to be sorry, it was I who inflicted such predicament upon myself. The thoughts of Paula brushed through my mind but I shook it off. After all, she didn’t love me, even if she did, not like how I did. Then, timothy’s image descended upon my mind. Oh, the way he brought out his gun and shot at me. The pain I then felt afterwards was unbearable. My heartbeat began racing rapidly; I felt this sting within my chest which caused me to yell.

The doctor reached for me sticking the stethoscope to my chest. My eyesight became blurry, I felt struck with a migraine, and my parents were unrest by my display of pain.

The pain in my chest grew firmly, the next thing I know. I was injected straight in my chest. The pain simmered down and I felt dizzy.

    *         *          *

    I was discharged after some days and back in my room with John. How I missed him. How never ending chatter.

    “So you didn’t tell me? “
    “Tell you about what? ” I asked surprisingly.
    “That’s your birthday is on Friday dummy!”

I giggled, I thought I had told him about it.
Moreover I don’t like celebrating my birthdays but how could John understand. Nevertheless I told him.

He insisted I celebrate it but I declined, and also warned him not to try doing a surprise birthday party. I hoped he had heard.

“So what about Paula? Do you still like her?”
“I do surely, I’m just angry at her. Like 200%”
“Hehe, Where did you learn that now? ” John chuckled.
 “She toiled with my feelings bro, she said I never said I wanted to date her.”
“Well,  literally you didn’t.”
I gave John ‘that’ look for his statement. “It seems you’re already talking to her.”
“Not entirely.”
“Well, break a leg, I’m off to bed.”

I laid down upon my bed and thought. I loved her but what If she still wants to be with Timothy.

Written by Praise Osawaru.
To be continued.

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Praise Osawaru is a poet and writer of fiction and creative nonfiction. He's also a blogger and content developer. Follow him on Instagram/FB/Twitter @wordsmithpraise

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