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Love Struck – Chapter Seventeen



I opened my eyes only to find my parents before me weeping. I figured the doctor would have broken the news to them.
They seemed very unhappy about it; one could tell from the tears. The doctor tried to comfort them but it was all to no avail. My mum knelt by my bed side and grasped my hand; my dad slowly rubbed my head.
“My sweet boy, I’m so sorry this had to happen to you,” Mum sobered.

I didn’t know what to say. There’s no reason for them to be sorry, it was I who inflicted such predicament upon myself. The thoughts of Paula brushed through my mind but I shook it off. After all, she didn’t love me, even if she did, not like how I did. Then, timothy’s image descended upon my mind. Oh, the way he brought out his gun and shot at me. The pain I then felt afterwards was unbearable. My heartbeat began racing rapidly; I felt this sting within my chest which caused me to yell.

The doctor reached for me sticking the stethoscope to my chest. My eyesight became blurry, I felt struck with a migraine, and my parents were unrest by my display of pain.

The pain in my chest grew firmly, the next thing I know. I was injected straight in my chest. The pain simmered down and I felt dizzy.

    *         *          *

    I was discharged after some days and back in my room with John. How I missed him. How never ending chatter.

    “So you didn’t tell me? “
    “Tell you about what? ” I asked surprisingly.
    “That’s your birthday is on Friday dummy!”

I giggled, I thought I had told him about it.
Moreover I don’t like celebrating my birthdays but how could John understand. Nevertheless I told him.

He insisted I celebrate it but I declined, and also warned him not to try doing a surprise birthday party. I hoped he had heard.

“So what about Paula? Do you still like her?”
“I do surely, I’m just angry at her. Like 200%”
“Hehe, Where did you learn that now? ” John chuckled.
 “She toiled with my feelings bro, she said I never said I wanted to date her.”
“Well,  literally you didn’t.”
I gave John ‘that’ look for his statement. “It seems you’re already talking to her.”
“Not entirely.”
“Well, break a leg, I’m off to bed.”

I laid down upon my bed and thought. I loved her but what If she still wants to be with Timothy.

Written by Praise Osawaru.
To be continued.

About Praise

Praise Osawaru is a writer, poet, content developer and entrepreneur-in-training. His works have appeared in Black Youth, Nantygreens, Sprinng Literary Movement and Writers Space Africa. He was longlisted for African Writers Award 2019 and Shortlisted for The Zi Prize 2019. Follow him on Instagram/FB/Twitter: @wordsmithpraise

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