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Love Struck – Chapter Eleven


The rain descended from the clouds vehemently. The sky was filled with black cloud.
“This is the nearest motel in the area. Due to the unavailability of rooms and money. Three persons in each room. Is that clear?” Mr. Andrew said.

He kept boys and girls in different rooms obviously. I was left john and Charles. The girls were on the first floor, while boys upstairs.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” John asked curiously.
“I am, eventually. I just can’t stop thinking about her,” I replied.
“Let me guess. You want to sneak out to go see her?” john raised his eyebrows.
“You read my mind bro.”
“What if Mr. Andrew comes and checks in on us?”
“Um, you’ll cover for me. Won’t you?” I smirked.

Charles on the other hand was snoring and sleep-talking. He seemed to be enjoying the cold weather. I told John that if Mr. Andrew came looking; he should tell him I was in the toilet, that I had a running stomach. 

I tried contacting Paula through my cellphone but I couldn’t get any network coverage. I figured the storm had messed up the service. Before I sneaked out, I lay down on the bed and imagined what she’d be doing. I pictured in my mind an image of her being unable to sleep, also disturbed by the need to see me that she’d sneak out of her room too.
“John. I’m going. I’ll be back soon,” I whispered.

I silently opened the door and went out. The corridor lights were on I didn’t want to be seen by anyone. Every step I took, the floor creaked. ‘I don’t know who makes wooden floor,’ I said to myself. I looked at my watch; it was 9:30pm. ‘Wont Paula be asleep?’ I asked myself.

I guess I was beginning to have second thoughts. I quickly shook off the feeling and braced myself. Standing in front of Paula’s room, my heart began increasing rapidly.

I kept my ear on the door, to try to see if I could pick up any sound in her rom. When I realized there was no sound, I thought that they could all be asleep. I turned around, decided to go back to my room when the door opened slowly.

I stood there, still as a sculpture, and then I heard my name. I recognized that voice, it was Paula’s. I was frightened to turn around, and then she touched my shoulder and slowly walked to my front.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.
“Uh, you wouldn’t believe if I told you.”
“I’m all ears,” She said boldly.
“I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to stretch my legs,” I smiled.
“Did you knock at my door?”
“No, no, no.”

  The dogs at the front building began barking. We hurriedly ran and hid behind the school bus to avoid being seen.

“That sound surely would have woken up Mr. Andrews,” She reclined on the bus.
“Tell me about it,” I responded. I tried to take a look if Mr. Andrew had woken up and I accidentally tripped and fell on her.
“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to,” I said.

There was a momentary silence and then the next thing, our lips met. Oh, the warmth feeling of her lips, slowly arousing my inner man. At that moment I was incognizant of the things around. I didn’t realized the sound of the dogs barking had increased.

“Well, well, well…. What do we have here?” A shadowy figured pointed a flashlight at us.
“Fu**! It was Mr. Andrew.

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