If I Were To Write A Love Poem | By Frichie


The first few lines would be of beauty and unparalleled obsession of heartfelt emotions.
A feelings of unbelievable affection like the fragrance of rose in the wilderness of the most colourful of plants in successions.

In few paragraphs that follows through it middle;
It would have a lot of Thicks and Thorns.
Bitterness and Heartbreaks.
Distress and Solitude.
Misjudgements and presumed betrayals.

But still would be beautiful lines of Ballad.

The last lines would be Special and fulfilling as it would end with a dot drawn right from the heart of she who’s garden shall be my final abode.

If I were to write a Love Poem;
There would be to it, an ending that spells a life lived in absolute bliss.


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