Saved By The Bell


That was the expression I could use to describe my salvation. I was jolted awake by the sound of a bell ringing in my ears. I opened my eyes and realized I was not in a forest plucking out my eyes but I was actually in my class. I couldn’t believe I had slept in maths class again. But no one could blame me, maths was boring.

 At least my nightmare had given me what to write for my English assignment.

I looked up and noticed the students filing out. I frowned. My classmates never filed out, they rushed out. Ajoke, one of the nerds in my class, handed over a paper to Mr. Ola, our maths teacher and followed the other students out of the class. I quickly grabbed my bag and rushed out of the class as Mr. Ola was arranging some pieces of paper. I was surprised he hadn’t caught me but I was not one to complain.

My classmates were outside the class talking. They didn’t look happy. Well, no one ever looked happy after maths class so that was no surprise.

My best friend, Tayo came to meet me. “So how did you do? I saw you sleeping. I’m sure you killed it. You finished early, abi?”

I frowned. “What are you talking about?”

His brows furrowed. “The surprise test of course. The one we just did…that Mr. Ola said would be 40% of our results. “

My jaw dropped.

©Fekoya Jesutofunmi

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