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The Girl Scorched By Fire | Based On A True Life Story

“…… How did it happen? I mean the fire burns on your body”
‘Hmmmmm….. She sighed and began her story.
Came the sound from the kitchen of our two storey building.
My mother had left the house. Away from the dangers and warnings of that day, before I called her.
The house was inflames. Fear gripped my reflexes making me paralyzed on what to do.
Fear and flight are not the only actions one take in times of danger. The third one was ‘freeze’ .
I froze with fear seeing the flames coming from the just exploded cooking gas in which I planned to cook with.”
       Pelumi narrated amidst sobs.
“I had just returned from school that Thursday evening. I noticed the chillness in the room as everywhere seemed deserted. Maybe the building knew what was about to happen, and so hid itself in silence. 
     I checked the rooms for a living soul, but my sibling was already fast asleep.
After the days exam, I came back home tired and exhausted that I couldn’t await the arrival of my mother, who left a note on the table of the sitting room, stating she had gone to visit the neighbor who had just given birth.
   My instinct, or maybe fate didn’t allow me reason to wait. And so I ran into the kitchen to prepare the left over rice from the previous night, stored in the refrigerator.
   A strike to the match stick placed high above the cylinder. My hands caught up inflames.
The explosion from the gas was loud enough to wake the dead from their grave. My sibling ran out immediately hearing the thundering sound.
  Mama,who by now was standing frustrated with other sympathizers awaiting the the arrival of the firemen, couldn’t hold back anymore.
She was my super saver. She ran into the kitchen. I could read the agony written all over her face as she watched her angel burn.
Without thinking, seeing I surrounded with crowds of fire alone, she jumped in and embraced my burning flesh . she took the better share of the flames while she struggled to drag me out of the house.
She succeeded after much struggles and choking, to bring me out to safety.
She ran back inside, returning with the burning cylinder in her bare hands, in order to save what is left of our flaming home.
  She did this, leaving us a half burnt house in which we stayed in for a-month or two – or so.
   Coming out half naked from the burns, she collapsed. By this time, father had returned from work hearing the news of the whole incidence,.
   The fire service never responded on time. Mama was rushed to the hospital with dad’s car.
She never made it to the hospital. She died on the way to UCH, Ibadan.
The fire had eaten more than half of  her once upon a time beautiful face. It savaged her like a prey clawed down by its predator. She was beyond recognition.
   Mummy died trying to save me and her home. She died leaving me with the scars. This burns signifies bravery of a strong woman…Mum….mm..Why! I…………”
        She wasn’t able to hold back the tears any longer, as she sobbed uncontrollably.
.Written by:
Edited by: Wordsmith Praise
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