[Romance Story] THE DIARY OF A VIRGIN BOY – 5.0

Hell! I couldn’t stop thinking about our little fling, our moment. Even while at class I’d notice her steal a peek at me. Still unsure though. Was the sex really worth it?
Gosh! she was a distraction. I couldn’t focus, our moment was on replay in my head like pornography tapes rolling off a VR tape. I used to be a virgin, now I guess I’m no longer one. Anyway, its not like virginity even applies to males to think about it. Whatever. At least the sex was great-to me.
In no time, we start hanging out together. At times, time just stops all of a sudden and the whole word stares at me. At US! We’d stroll along class hallways, and often I’d see groups of girls, huddled together giggling. I’m pretty sure she’s told half of Northwestern about our time. Pretty sure they all think we’re dating. If only she knows. Wait are we dating? At least not to me anyway…
I never categorised her as a girl friend. I never did answer her question that day. She never did bring it up again.

And there was that moment. That moment I’ll never forget. The night before the college bonfire!
I remember. I remember it all now. Clearly.
I stayed overnight at her place, we watched movies and made out. It was just another one of many, our special routine. She fell sleep on the couch, and I carried her in my arms into the bedroom, her phone in my pocket.
Her phone rung. I wanted to wake her. On a second thought, I didn’t. Why wake her when its probably Sarah, her best friend and the most annoying person I know, calling.
It spelt ‘My Number’. Definitely not Sarah. I dropped the phone on the bedside table. I walked out.
Wait wait! how would ones number call itself?
It rang again. I picked the call, unfortunately  the connection was bad.
I dropped the phone thinking and then it vibrated, a pop up message from ‘My Number’. I clicked on it.
I staggered a little… What the hell?! A picture of a guy’s dick with a message below.
“Babe, I’m horny. Where are you? “
Surely, that wasn’t her number. Who the hell was that?
Written by:
Ayomide O’tega and Praise Osawaru

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