[Love Story] THE MIND OF A SICK LOVER – 4.0

I sat at the breakfast nook in my kitchen looking out the window, it was a dreary evening it was barely five in the evening and it looked like it was night time already, it was raining cat and dogs.
I stay alone in my one bedroom apartment, today was supposed to be my night out but the weather literally put a damp in my plans.
I haven’t really been going out much since I broke up with Mike. Mike was a psychopathic control freak thank God I found out just in time before he popped the big question. I pride myself on being able to read people how the extent of Mike’s insanity slipped me still baffles me, it would probably be because of his perfectly sculpted body he was sex appeal in human form, the way he made my hormones go crazy most likely short circuited my brain and I didn’t see the obvious. I was brought out of my thoughts by the loud whistling of the kettle, I stood to make tea I adjust my cardigan I don’t know if it is the cold but the hair on my neck is erect I sense something is not right but I shake it off.
I take my tea to my bedroom to lay snug under my blanket while sipping tea with a book written by my favourite author Jackie Collins this was my idea of a good time, I fall into a deep relaxing dreamless sleep.
I have never been a light sleeper, but I heard him approaching my bed my lights were switched off I never could sleep with the lights on but I didn’t need lights to know who it was, at the first waft of his expensive exotic cologne sandalwood mixed with strawberry  I knew it was him.
He played with my hair, he always did like that, he cried begging me to take him back but I refused telling him I never could be in a relationship with someone like him, he knelt down beside my bed muttering incoherent words to himself, I tried calming him down he finally raised his head up, with the moonlight spilling into the room I stared into his eyes he stared back then he told me if he can not have me no one else will, I thought this was just the ramblings of a jilted lover unbeknownst to me that it was the utterance from The mind of a sick lover. He brought out a knife, he stabbed me in the heart literally then he stabbed himself, he kissed me on my forehead and cuddled me while we both bled out.
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