[Love Story] THE MIND OF A SICK LOVER – 3.0

Creative LopezĀ©
   6am in the morning, total silence as usual in Walter’s room, the only sound emanating is the clock ticking, cool breeze coming from the window, Walter can be seen sitting down helplessly on the floor of the room, which appears to be so dirty, Walter is not a dirty man, infact he is the opposite of a dirty man, few minutes ago, his wife Tiffany died after battling with cancer of the blood, Walter seems so confused and moody; the last 5 years of his life was terrible, after he got married to the woman of his dream, then he got a job; that pays ‘mouth watery salary’, he rented a nice apartment few months after he started working, everything seems perfect at first, until one day, Tiffany fell sick, she was feeling dizzy and she had a banging headache, she complained to her husband and he said that it probably would be malaria, after the usage of malaria drugs, there was no positive result, she proceeded to the hospital, and she was diagnosed with blood cancer, that exact day was the beginning of the couple’s nightmare.
Doctor said she had approximately 2 years to live, and if she used her medication the right way, the cancer will get cured; for a year Tiffany was on the bed, receiving treatment, she seems to be getting better, Walter proved to be a responsible and loving husband, he took proper care of her, he carried her to the bathroom every morning; to bath for her, he prepared food and gives her drug before going to work, he hurries back in the afternoon to repeat the same process, before going back to work, until he return back in the night to bath and administer her drug for her, of all the sacrifices Walter made, the most consuming part of all, is the drugs he purchased for Tiffany, which cost a fortune, it consumes virtually 70% of his salary, and he bought it every month for 5 years, he continually provided for her, until he received a sack letter at work due to the fact that the management wanted to reduce their workforce, Tiffany’s health deteriorated when there was no drug to use, Walter went helter skelter in search for money for drugs, but he was unable to get it, which resulted to her death.
Rewind to the beginning of this write-up: Walter cried for approximately 5 hours, remembering all the sweet time they spent together, the real love they shared together, he started muttering in a low voice, he moved closer to the dead body and smiled in a craze-like manner, he kisses her on her lips, stood up to iron her clothes, he carried her to the bathroom to bathe for her, after that, he dressed for her and put her on the chair to sit, he put on the television and viewed it with her, he laughed at some point, and when he was tired, he carried her to bed and slept beside her, with his arms locked around her body, when he woke up the next day, he continued this same process for 20 solid days until his friend visited him and found out.“`

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