Editor’s Pick | Dysfunctional : The Tale Of A Broken Family

Folabi sat on the centre table in the small palour in his apartment.
His face was hidden by his hands as he was engaged in an internal battle.
His body shook slightly and continuously as beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.
Suddenly, he stood up and went to get the basket where his wife kept drugs. He needed something to help keep him sane. He couldn’t even focus. His shaky hands and impatience got the better of him as he hurled the whole basket at the wall in anger.
Then he began pacing like a caged monkey in the small room, trying to gain his sanity back.
As if possessed, he let out a blood curling scream in anger. 
“Baba Tolu! Are you alright?”, somebody asked from outside. The person tried to open the door unsuccessfully.
“Please open the door oh! It’s Iya Biliki.”, the voice added.
“I’m fine.”, he tried to get out through gritted teeth but he only managed to sound like an animal.
Soon enough, the person left him alone.

The door flew open and an angry woman bursted in. It was his wife.
“Useless man! This is where you came to hide abi?”, she screamed angrily. “Your daughter is in the hospital bleeding and you’re here!  Doing nothing! I regret marrying you. I regret ever crossing paths with you!”.
He hadn’t uttered a single word which forced angry, hot tears from her eyes. She pushed herself against him and grabbed a fistful of his buba.
“Useless man! Your daughter was raped! Come and pay her medical bills and be a real father to her.”, she said to him in disgust. “See his beady eyes! You want to beat me? You will kill me today oh!”
She rambled on and on and wouldn’t stop.
As if a light bulb exploded in his head, it all came rushing back.
He saw what he had done. How he had unknowingly molested the poor girl. How he had ripped her clothes and pinned her to the ground. He couldn’t handle the images he got with him forcing himself into his fifteen year old daughter. 
“Shut up!!”, he said, dishing out a blow. He heard the satisfying crunch of a broken facial bone.
“I didn’t mean to do it!”, he screamed with every kick, every punch he dished out. Another person was screaming alongside the screams from outside! He wanted them all to shut up. He couldn’t think! He kept kicking and breaking his victim without realizing it.
She stopped moving. He didn’t know how long had passed.
Then he stopped, breathing heavily.
It was as if a veil had been lifted from his eyes. 
A mangled body was on the floor. It had a head wound. The skull was cracked open and the limbs appeared twisted abnormally. The face was barely recognizable as it was covered in blood. The whole room in a disarray and bloodstained. He himself wasn’t spared as he was covered in blood.
His wife’s blood. Abike’s blood. He realized.
“No,no!!”, he screamed again. He sat on the ground and laid his head on the body’s bosom. He broke down completely,crying like a baby. From outside, people kept trying to break down the door. He didn’t even care. He sat there,sobbing.
The door flew open,barely hanging from its hinges.
The neighbors ran in to see what had happened.
“Jesus!”, someone cried in the background. 
“Grab him!” Another person cried. Soon enough, the room was filled with an angry mob.
He was dragged outside onto the streets and someone somewhere dumped a tire on his neck. People were throwing painful objects at him. Someone even dished him a dirty slap. At a point, he felt like he had floated out of his own body, watching the unfolding scene as an observer. A liquid was poured on him and he was set on fire. The searing pain that ripped through his being had no description. He was left there to burn. He couldn’t run either, they had bound his hands and feet. He was there in the open, writhing in pain. His screams were the kind that brought tears to ones eyes. Screams of agony. Some women were crying. It was indeed a terrible day in their community. Children were sent in by their parents, shielded by their mothers.
“Add more petrol!”, someone shouted.
One dubious soul that had no regard for the human life did the bidding and the flames waxed stronger. He burnt and burnt and burnt till his soul was separated from his body. His remains were black and crispy like  suya gone bad. Just like that, people started leaving the scene one after the other, creating another mess for their government to handle.
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