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Love Struck – Chapter Four


“Bro, wake up. Why do you always wake up late?”

   The sound of John’s voice woke me up. I didn’t have an answer to his question, so I just greeted him, “Good morning” and I went straight to have my bath. As at the time I got to school, lectures hadn’t started. How happy I was. Then I sat beside Paula again but this time I tried to start up a conversation with her. She seemed more focused with her chatting than she was with me, so I eventually kept mute.

   The lecturer entered the class and some minutes lectures had started properly. After collecting me and Paula’s assignment, he seemed impressed and smiled.
“You two do make a good team.”
“Thank you, sir.” I responded.
“Hey, don’t get your hopes up,” She said.


   After class, Paula and I walked to the cafeteria. Well, we didn’t actually walk together, i just followed her.

“Cause he said we do make a good team doesn’t mean you have to follow me wherever I go.”
“Who said anything about following,” I responded.
She laughed and smiled. We sat together eating and talking then John came into the cafeteria. I saw him from where I was. Coincidentally, as she stood up to go the restroom, John walked to me.

“Bro, you’re killing it,” he said.
“Killing what?” I asked in a confused manner.
“Ask for her number, she’ll definitely give you.”
“Isn’t that too early?” I asked.
“Too early?” he replied. “It’s the perfect time, she’ll not want to not give you.”
“I don’t grab.”
“Just ask her and see how things play out,” he said.
He left hurriedly before she returned from the restroom.
“Ah, what a relief,” She said.

  We continued eating in what seemed like a pin drop silent manner. I thought about what John said, about me asking for her number. My heartbeat raced as I uttered the word.

“So I was thinking, since we’re now friend, we ought to share details to one another. I mean get to know each other better,” I said.
“Is this your way of asking for my number?”
“Err….. No, yes, maybe,” I replied.

   She chuckled and typed her number into my phone, afterwards she left. John came back immediately.

“How did it turn out?”
“She gave me,” I replied.
“That’s my boy! Now we upgrade to the next level.”
“Which is?”I asked.
“The calling part,” he said.
I began to wonder, ‘where did John learn all this?’. Questions began popping into my head.

Written by Praise Osawaru
Instagram @wordsmithpraise

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Praise Osawaru is a poet and writer of fiction and creative nonfiction. He's also a blogger and content developer.

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